Frequently Asked Questions

Forrtuna is an advanced fin-tech company that aims to revolutionise the experience of availing retail loans in the country through cutting edge technologies and automation. We use proprietary technologies to originate and distribute personal loans, business loans, housing loan and education loans to Indian working class and SME businesses of the country.

Forrtuna, is an aggregator which provides an algorithm based selection of lender based on the eligibility and credit profile of the borrower from a matrix of over 40 lenders. We have developed a technology platform that provides an easy-to-use interface to our Business Associates across the country which enables quicker and easier customer onboarding, online submission of information, document and assigning the application to the chosen lender. Also, we run independent credit and risk assessments to ensure borrowers get the best deal.

Forrtuna aims to be a hassle-free digital platform to choose the right lender based on the information entered on our time-tested algorithm directly by user or by their loan advisors. Forrtuna helps you to check eligibility of the user for the loan required and choose the best offers from our comparative offers. Forrtuna aims to provide an unbiased advice to the user. At the same time our experienced loan business associates help you on the ground to complete the documentation whatever is still required to get the loan disbursed to your bank account.

At, we give our recommendations based only on financial data and credit profile of the applicant. There is no human element involved which may be biased at times. Our loan pages show the latest available offers from multiple lenders who are willing to help you celebrate your dreams with their best offers (latest interest rate on the loan you choose, for example).

Your Personaldata/information will be stored and collected by along with its parent company (including its, representatives, affiliates, and its business partners).

Forrtuna is an unbiased comparison portal for lending related products and services. Along with making your process free from documentation issues, we offer round-the-clock customer support that helps you plan your expenses as per your time lines by ensuring quick turnaround time. We analyse your needs and accordingly suggest loan options. We strive to make your dreams come true as easy and transparent as possible.

At Forrtuna, we help you compare products, such as loans, and credit cards, offered by banks or financial institutions. We simplify fine print and inform you about the eligibility criteria, repayment options, types of interest rates, and other parameters.

We respect your privacy and recognize the need to protect your personal information (for example, name, address and telephone number). The information you enter is integral to your decision- making and we follow appropriate standards to ensure its security.

The preliminary eligibility check takes less than 2 minutes. Based on the eligibility, the partner/user can fill up our online application form which takes not more than 20 minutes. Paperwork is minimal; supporting documents can be scanned and uploaded or you can give us access to your digital repository. If your paperwork is in place, we can move the loan process very quickly and give you an approval within 3 days.

We access a lot of online data to minimise physical paper documents. We even encourage borrowers to submit their bank statements online. Typically, we need the ID and address proof, proof of establishment, statements of bank accounts and loan accounts, income proofs, apart from other documents, which may vary for different loan types.